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My grandma, the person that raised me and the one I got obsessed with Dracula for, is dead now. 

She apparently had stomach cancer for years without showing any symptoms, so she died the next day to the one she was diagnosed in. I was in Turkey, but got on time for the funeral, don’t worry.

(or 21 if I am tired from the travel)

Inbox is open, though.

"That’s a scary book for children to read"-mom said.

"Mom, one of our folk tales involve a witch that turns into an insect to suck your bodily fluids that could be in your hair RIGHT NOW. I mean, we are from Galicia, what the heck are you talking about"- I replied.

"Crap, you are right."

Since I have been pretty sick lately (oh no news the mod is sick again -_- Don’t worry, I no longer need to take pills so yays for me) mom got me a child book version of Dracula with colourful illustrations and big letters to be able to read it even in bed with poor lightning (best mom ever!)

The book is surprisingly creepy, actually. Dracula is presented as a scary monster. And I like that. Children of the world are in good narrative hands! :D

This is the third time I remake the harmonies for Jack Seward Javier’s theme. Why did I think this was a good idea.



I am going to reblog this post  before bed because I really loved this art when I first saw it and I am pretty sure some of you missed it. Not bothering with tags a second time, though. 

Oh! Also, in a slightly related to this blog note, I plan on making a very loose adaptation of Dracula for my Minor Thesis!

(It’s set in our time because I have a budget of 50 euros and a box of macnuggets)

I have some tracks of the score soundtrack thing, character bios and notes for the pilot…

This is it. I have publicly told everyone. Now I need to force myself to not give up and write a boring 100 pages essay on some terrible post modern auteur instead. 

Edit: It turns out you can’t upload songs heavier than 20 megabytes to tumblr. Oh bother. 

venereathorne ha dicho: And they will know you are a woman of good taste who knows absolute crap when you see it. I would hire you on the spot after reading that.

Unless the job is in NBC I am safe then… Thank you!

I am scared a future employer will read my NBC Dracula liveblog… 

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